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Writing Tips

1. Finish the manuscript. If you get this far, you are well on your way. You'd be shocked how many aspiring writers never finish any project.
Every time someone commits a typo, the errorists win.
2. Mind the POV. Point of view must remain consistent and it's better to have only a few. Too many is confusing. Also, don't mix them. One POV at a time! At the very least, put a double drop between each POV.

3. If at first you don't find a pubisher or agent and you are certain you have a well-written book, publish it yourself. That's why the gods invented CreateSpace. So many great stories go undiscovered because they get lost in a slush pile somewhere. Be bold and go it alone if you must.
Reconcilable Differences
Maiden's Mistake
The Child Comes First
Into Thin Air
A Marriage of Majors
The Colonel and the Kid
A Captain's Honor
An Officer and a Hero
Identity Crisis
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