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Reconcilable Differences: Prosecutor Gwendolyn Haverty puts bad guys in jail . . . and keeps them there. That isn't easy when defense lawyers like Aaron Zimmerman try to spring them out again. Zimmerman is a rumpled do-gooder on a mission to free the innocent— which, of course, includes every single one of his clients behind bars! His latest mission's success depends on convincing Gwen to listen to his witness. Fine. That ten minutes she gives Aaron to plead his case results in a ridiculous cell phone mix-up. . . and a playdate for their two boys? She's not sure how the line between professional and personal gets blurred so quickly. But it can't happen again. She can't let this man, no matter how compassionate, into her heart.
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Identity Crisis:
Karli McKenna was given a new life through the experimental witness protection program she volunteered for. She also got new memories. The old ones were wiped out. Or at least, that had been the plan. Now, with her old memories coming back, mingling with the new, Karli is on the run. The FBI wants to catch her to suppress her memories again. And the criminals she'd put behind bars with her testimony seem to be after her, too. Karli embarks on an action-packed quest to figure out who the bad guys are and proving their culpability in scheme to make and sell babies while staying out of their clutches. She must also elude the FBI agents, who may or may not be her friends. Until she can gather evidence to stop the baby trade once and for all, she will never be safe.
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Maiden's Mistake:
1865. Jonathan Everleigh, Earl of Mercia, savesa a young woman from disgrace by marryin gher, despite the dangers from an unknown arsonist who has stalked him throughout his life. Juliette believes herself pregnant until their wedding night reveals her to have been a virgin. When a real pregnancy comes to light, Jonathan is certain she's been unfaithful -- injurieds from a fire long ago left him unable to father a child. As he struggles between wanting to set her aside and wishing he could belive in her love, Juliette seeks the help of a scientist to prove the doctors had been wrong about his infertility. And all the while, his stalker is determined to end their dream of happily ever after.
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The Child Comes First:
Trial attorney Simon Montgomery rarely loses a case. But when an eleven-year-old girl stands accused of murder, the courtroom superstar faces his toughest challenge. The child's social worker, Jayda Kavanagh, thinks it's open and shut: her client didn't do it. And Jayda will stop at nothing to prove her innocence. Jayda isn't the only one who's bonding with the young girl. While he fights to win her freedom, Simon moves ahead with plans to adopt her. It means dredging up his own painful past. Coming clean about his growing feelings for Jayda. But Jayda's harboring a secret of her own a secret that could affect their future together. And the child's.
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Into Thin Air: “I don’t know what happened to the body.” Captain Kelsey O’Roark has stumbled across a corpse–at least that’s what she thought she saw before someone hit her over the head. When she comes to, there is no body. Having no other choice, she reluctantly takes her story to Major Julian Fordham–a member of the Criminal Investigations Division. It’s not that she’s worried that Julian isn’t good at his job. It’s just that they dated a year ago–and things didn’t end well. Julian believes her–and he’s the only one. Despite the tension between them, can these two work together to discover what happened that night? And can they find a way to deal with their undeniable attraction to each other as they solve the mystery around them? Add in Kelsey's sister and her lost dog into the hunt for a killer and there's barely enough time to realize they've fallen in love.
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A Marriage of Majors: Can Major Anthony Garitanot be a hero again? His wife, Major Kristen Clark, shows a brave face when her husband returns from Afganistant with wounds deeper then the physical ones he's sustained in battle. Her proud warrior husband would hate to be on the receiving end of pity. But Anthony is nothing like the strong, responsible man she married. In fact, he's as much a stranger to her as he is to eighteen-month old Amy, the daughter he meets for the first time upon his return. Kristen is determined to save their marriage, even though Anthony seems ready to give up. Until a terrorist out for revenge threatens his home and his family. It’s not just the soldier in Anthony that responds. It’s the father and husband. He’ll do anything to protect the people he loves.
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The Colonel and the Kid:
She hated her assignment . . . until she met him. There’s something about a handsome man who speaks with an accent and wears a foreign military uniform. Add an air of mystery and a young child he’s raising on his own, and that man becomes irresistible. But resisting him is exactly what Captain Natalie Wentworth’s career demands. As an Army protocol officer, her duties–showing Colonel Viktor Baturnov around, making sure he’s properly introduced to his American counterparts and getting him settled into his training program at the Pentagon–call for professional detachment. Things go smoothly until Natalie learns the real reason for the Colonel’s visit to America. Suddenly she’s embroiled in the struggle of a father to save his son. And her feelings for both could cost her dearly.
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A Captain's Honor:
What's a military woman to do with a military man like this? Chief Warrant Officer Rachel Southwell has been an absentee mother for too many years. So she jumps at the chance to work for a General at th ePentagon and live full-time with her eight-year old son. But her new assignment has as many perils as a war zone. Because Captain Nathan Fordham, the General's aide, wants her to help him entrap the abusive older man -- a risky undertaking that oculd derail Nathan's and Rachel's careers. But the General must be stopped! But there's no stopping how Nathan and Rachel begin to feel about each other as they pursue their delicate quest.
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An Officer and a Hero:
The Officer: Captain Kaitlin McCord, an attorney in the U.S. Army's Judge Advocate General's Corps. The Hero: Master Sergeant Daniel Wilson, a paralegal assigned to Captain McCord. The Problem: The captain meets the handsome enlisted man before she knows he'll be working for her. But as a JAG attorney, she's well aware that a relationship with a subordinate is a court-martial offense.The Passion: Despite everything, Kaitlin can't help falling in love with him—a Gulf War hero, a man who values family, a man of honor. A passionate lover. . . The military code of conduct requires them to stay apart. Their own feelings draw them together. It's the greatest conflict they'll ever face.
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Reconcilable Differences
Maiden's Mistake
The Child Comes First
Into Thin Air
A Marriage of Majors
The Colonel and the Kid
A Captain's Honor
An Officer and a Hero
Identity Crisis