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Identity Crisis
By Verified Purchaser
Karli is in a strange room furnished with familiar objects, somehow misplaced. Soon she's confronted with people who claim to be part of her life, seem to be more than strangers, and she has shadows of memories that include them. But they call her Katie and as she feels her two identities clash, they insist she take medicine for a mental illness that has fragmented her awareness. Within a few pages, I knew I had to read the rest of this book. I ordered it and got totally caught up in the lead character as she sets out on a journey of self-discovery that's filled with danger, suspense, romance and betrayal. Elizabeth Ashtree once again scores high with well drawn scenes, great dialogue, a riveting plot and characters that leap from the pages. Read this one!

Maiden's Mistake
By Coffee Time Romance
In Maiden's Mistake, Elizabeth Ashtree crafts a compelling story of a man who has suffered terribly and the woman who wants to heal him. Jon's difficult journey to the understanding that he is deserving of love and Juliette's quest to earn Jon's trust make for a great read. Maiden's Mistake provides the reader with a heart-warming Victorian happily-ever-after.

Don't miss this one (five stars)
I loved this book. It's beautifully written, the characters will draw you in, and it's such a fresh take on the relationship between the hero and heroine in an historical novel.-- Ruth Glick

Reconcilable Differences
From All About Romance
Grade: A / Senssuality:Subtle
Sometimes, I discover a gem this way, which is what happened with Reconcilable Differences by Elizabeth Ashtree.... complexity gets integrated into the plot is marvelous and gives the novel more authenticity than many other contemporary romances.
Aaron is a delight....Gwen is also very likable .... This refusal on the author’s behalf to paint her protagonists black or white extends to the minor characters....
The book’s setting is Baltimore, with a number of charming details, and while I’ve never been there and cannot comment on the accuracy of the descriptions, I enjoyed such a fresh setting a lot. The ending is another highlight. Elizabeth Ashtree takes several stock elements and turns them around to such effect that I had tears in my eyes due to the emotional intensity as I read the last pages. Do I recommend you read Reconcilable Differences? I sure do, especially if, like me, you are a bit overfed with small towns, sheriffs, SEALs, and billionaires. In fact I liked the book so much I immediately ordered the paper copy after finished the eBook so that I will be able to lend it to family members. I’m happy to welcome this author on my autobuy list!
-- Rike Horstman

The Child Comes First
This entertaining romantic legal thriller works because the lead couple of this aptly titled tale focuses on defending the child over their attraction. The story line is fast-paced from the moment [Simon Montgomery] picks up the pro bono defense of Tiffany and never slows down as he struggles with issues left by the previous lawyer, his client's history and brooding reluctance to speak, and his desire for Jayda [who is Tiffany's social worker]. Her idealism matches his skepticism as fans will enjoy this fine contemporary. — Harriet Klausner

I quite liked the voice and pacing of this book.... I was surprisingly drawn into the story and these characters' lives.... I did want to know what happened next, and could not put it down. That in itself is a testament to the author's talent and style. THE CHILD COMES FIRST is a nice, short vacation, the kind where you get to worry about someone else's problems for awhile, instead of your own, and you always know that it will all come out right in the end. And everyone needs that kind of escape sometimes. — Karen Joan

Into Thin Air
CID Major Julian Fordham is brother to Nathan,of A CAPTAIN'S HONOR, has commitment issues and fears losing control of his emotions.... but Captain Kelsey O'Roark pushes him unintentionally toward losing control of his feelings.... There are some tense moments, some fun moments ... a good read, recommend. — M. Hartmann

INTO THIN AIR is an intriguing military police romantic mystery ... the military murder mystery provides a fine R&R for readers. — Harriet Klausner

A Marriage of Majors
RITA nominee
The tale salutes the soldiers and family members for their sacrifices. The exciting story line is filled with angst as a somewhat broken Anthony feels he is no longer suitable for the two females who desperately want him in their lives and behaves accordingly in a Pygmalion Effect way. Fans will appreciate this solid relationship drama with the terrorist serving as either a widowmaker or matchmaker depending on who triumphs. — Harriet Klausner

Most excellent story of emotional trouble – strong love – insecurity – and healing.... Definitely Recommended. — M. Hartmann

The Colonel and the Kid
Assigned to help Russian Colonel Viktor Baturnov navigate Washington, D.C., U.S. Army Captain Natalie Wentworth quickly finds herself enmeshed in his fight to save his son. As they work to forestall disaster Natalie begins to fall in love with THE COLONEL AND THE KID. But is their love enough to save her career and his life? Elizabeth Ashtree fashions a refreshing tale of love versus espionage featuring a very enticing hero, a spirited heroine and fascinating secondary players. — Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times

Elizabeth Ashtree's resolution to the conflict doesn't disappoint, making THE COLONEL AND THE KID a terrific read. Very highly recommended. — Cindy Penn,

A Captain’s Honor
Highly recommended.... Author Elizabeth Ashtree pens a powerful tale of honor in the military with A CAPTAIN'S HONOR. Women who have endured sexual harassment will find themselves impressed by Ashtree's careful rendering of such a devastating crime.... Rachel's struggles to cope with such a challenging assignment will keep the pages turning. Nate's ambivalence over his role in bringing her into such a difficult situation will likewise strike a sympathetic cord with readers. A memorable military romance and highly recommended. —

.... Elizabeth Ashtree's A CAPTAIN'S HONOR, deals with real issues faced by women in the military ... — Pamela Cohen, Romantic Times

An Officer and a Hero
Double RITA nominee
Winner - Romantic Times Reader's Choice Award
The sparks fly between a lovely JAG officer and the enlisted man under her command in spite of the non-fraternization regulations in AN OFFICER AND A HERO by gifted new author Elizabeth Ashtree. How long can they uphold the law and ignore their own desires? Ms. Ashtree makes an impressive debut contrasting the powerful pull of love against the rigid discipline of the military. Strong, well-defined characters, sharp dialogue and a current plot line make this edition of the In Uniform series a guaranteed page-turner. — Renae Dryer, Romantic Times

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